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Save The Date

Upcoming Events

  • Jul 18, 2024, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EDT
    Online Event
    The CUI Civic Coalition is a collective of organizations & individuals across Indiana and the nation with a special focus on supporting civic engagement and voting rights efforts in Indiana. Our partners consist of grassroots, education, and legal advocates with a strong commitment to support.

Election Defense Training

Count US IN is looking for volunteers for our Election Defender program for the primary and general election

About election defenders:

We help people in long lines, help the community know their rights if they are turned away or experience discrimination, we help keep morale high, and make voting fun for people to stay. Being an election defender means being a witness to voting, offering emotional support, making folks feel safe, and being a cheerleader.

 Election defenders are here to promote voting by:

Providing support for voters (such as PPE and water).

Helping create safe conditions for voters

De-escalating white nationalist or other disruptive intimidation tactics

Stopping the spread of miss information that might prevent folks from voting

Signalling to a network of groups and lawyers if and when trouble breaks out

View previous election defense trainings below. 

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